Talent concept

  • Promoting the talented equal opportunities

    We would like to find, identify and select talents in the competition. The talents are found to display their talent in proper positions.

  • Possessing both ability and political integrity

    We hope everyone is promising talent and we are against individual heroism. Only people who possess both ability and political integrity are the real talents in Jiuli. Morality is very important, and the morality standard is exactly Jiuli’s philosophy system. We encourage innovation and personality, but any activity could not cross the line of Jiuli’s culture.

  • Fully displaying everyone’s talent

    We don’t think the talents must be elites. The people who can perform well and play an important role in ordinary positions are the people that Jiuli needs. Jiuli needs all kinds of talents and would like to provide great stage for the people who have professional skills so that they can display their talent well in proper positions.

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